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Families Should 
Be Strong & Free

  • The sanctity and dignity of human life

  • Creating a culture of hope: Raising families beyond poverty

  • Preserving and protecting traditional marriage

  • Supporting military families and honoring our veterans

  • Education that creates a chance for every child

  • Improving healthcare quality and lower costs

  • Strengthening Medicaid & saving Medicare for future generations

  • Safe neighborhoods and prison reform

  • Expanding opportunities for home ownership


Everyone Deserves
An Opportunity

  • Tax relief to grow the economy and create jobs

  • Reining in the EPA to encourage investments and job creation

  • More American jobs, higher wages, and a better standard of living through fair international trade

  • Regulatory reform, the key to economic growth 

  • Creating opportunity in technology and Internet

  • Legal immigration provides opportunity

  • Advancing Americans with disabilities

  • Domestic energy independence

  • Restoring economic stability for our farmers


Government Should
Be Reformed

  • Reining in out-of-control spending

  • Balancing the budget

  • Restoring balance to Federal & State Government

  • Upholding the United States Constitution to prevent executive and judicial overreach

  • Protecting taxpayers: No more “Too Big to Fail”

  • Our right to keep and bear arms

  • Protecting free speech & free exercise of religion

  • American sovereignty in U.S. courts

  • A strong national defense and security strategy

  • Foreign aid should serve our national interest

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