Shelby County Executive Committee

The Shelby County Republican Party has the responsibility to advance, direct and regulate the Party and its official activities in Shelby County for the purpose of promoting the election of Republicans to public office and the appointment of Republicans to boards and commissions. The Executive Committee governs our activities and has enacted bylaws to facilitate the orderly and harmonious discharge of these activities for the best interest of the party and its members and supporters.


Members of the our Executive Committee are invited to attend our quarterly meetings, at which time the business of the Party is conducted. SCGOP Executive Committee members are required to pay annual dues in the amount of $60 in order to remain in good standing, and be eligible to vote on matters of business. Online payment may be paid in full or at $5 per month.

Place 1: Bill Armistead

Place 2: Cam Ward

Place 3: David Wilson

Place 4: Mary Sue McClurkin

Place 5: Mike Vest
Place 6: Arnold G. Mooney, II

Place 7: Tim Cox

Place 8: Freddy Ard


Bonus Members:

Laura Joseph

Charles Knight

Luke Marshall

Tom Richardson

Melody Warbington


ALGOP Executive Committee

  • Members of the Alabama Republican Party (ALGOP) Executive Committee are selected in the Republican Primary election once every four years, during the gubernatorial election cycle.

  • Vacancies are filled by nomination and are ratified by existing Executive Committee members.

  • Each county is entitled to one member for each 25,000 inhabitants or major fraction thereof.

  • Counties are entitled to up to (5) Bonus Members depending on how many Republican officials have been elected in that county. 

  • Currently, Shelby County has 8 seats on the ALGOP Executive Committee, plus a seat for our County Chairman and 5 Bonus Seats.

  • Each candidate for the ALGOP Executive Committee membership must pay a one-time qualifying fee of $50 (for each four-year term, or portion thereof) to the Alabama Republican Party and, if elected, sustain a Capitol Club membership  (including $180 annual dues) in order to remain in good standing and vote upon matters of state party business.