Shelby County Elected Officials

Alabama State Legislature

Presently in Shelby County, Republicans hold office in all 11 legislative seats in the Alabama Legislature with jurisdiction within the county. This includes 4 Alabama Senate seats and 7 seats in the Alabama House of Representatives. 


Shelby County

Republicans hold office as Probate Judge, Sheriff, Property Tax Commissioner, Superintendent of Education, and Coroner. All 9 seats on the Shelby County Commission,  and all 5 seats on the Shelby County Board of Education, are held by Republicans.


In the 18th Judicial Circuit, which comprises solely Shelby County, all 4 Circuit Judges and both District Judges are Republicans, as are the District Attorney and Circuit Clerk. 


Alabama Executive

Additionally, serving in statewide office with residence in Shelby County are the Secretary of State and Judge on the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals. Alabama State Board of Education District 3 and District 6 include Shelby County, and both seats are held by Republicans.


United States Congress

Shelby County is part of Alabama’s 6th congressional district  and is represented by Gary Palmer, a Republican in the United States House of Representatives. 


United States Senator Richard Shelby is a Republican. 


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US Senate

Richard Shelby (2018) - R

Tommy Tuberville (2020) - R


6th District US Representative

Gary Palmer (2016)



Kay Ivey (2018)


Alabama State Senate (2018)

Sen. Jim McClendon                                   GOP Nominee: April Weaver

Sen. Slade Blackwell                                   Sen. Jabo Waggonner


Alabama House of Representatives (2018)

Rep. Allen Farley                                         Rep. Corley Ellis

Rep. Arnold Mooney                                   Rep. Dickie Drake

Rep. Jim Carns                                              Rep. Russell Bedsole

GOP Nominee: Kenneth Paschal


Shelby County

Property Tax Comm. Don Armstrong

Probate Judge Allison Boyd

Sheriff John Samaniego

Coroner Lina Evans

District Attorney Jill Lee


Shelby County Board of Education

Superintendent Dr. Lewis Brooks           Board President Aubrey Miller

Jimmy Bice                                                   Jane Hampton

Peg Hill                                                          Kevin Morris


Shelby County Commission
Kevin Morris
 - District 1                           Mike Vest - District 6

Tommy Edwards - District 2                    Lindsey Allison - District 7

Jon Parker - District 3                                Rick Shepherd - District 8 

Ward Williams - District 4                        Robbie Hayes - District 9 (Vice Chairman)

Elwyn Bearden- District 5 (Chairman) 

18th Judicial Circuit

Judge Bill Bostick, Presiding Circuit Judge

Judge Corey Moore

Judge Lara Alvis

Judge Patrick Kennedy


District Court

Judge Jim Kramer, Presiding District Judge

Judge Daniel Crowson