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George Henry

With 20+ years of local executive leadership, experience and results, rest assured I will represent the entire district’s needs.

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My Story

I am a Christian Constitutional Conservative, meaning I start from the basis that all humanity are image bearers and have founding documents as our nation’s guideposts.  Therefore, all legislation and governmental assistance, programs and funding must meet the needs of its’ owners in an effective & efficient manner while remaining true to Constitutional standard. I stand firmly on the right to life for all Americans, especially the unborn.  I rigorously defend our God-given Constitutional rights, liberties & freedoms as they are consistently being attacked by our media & government. During the Summer of 2020, we utilized a Conservative alliance in the City of Montevallo to flip it from being deep blue to deep red and took back our City from the leftist liberal ideologies that were running rampant. I am able and prepared very well to represent Conservative ideals within the general election once we have a democratic opponent.   Fundamentally, I believe government should be limited in scope and efficient with whatever taxpayer resources are collected. 


I am thankful for how the cities of Pelham, Helena, Alabaster and Montevallo have been a part of my life for 35+ years. This email would be too long if I reminisced about childhood in Fungo Hollow, graduation from Pelham High School, serving Alabaster as City Manager and raising a family in Montevallo. Notwithstanding the challenges presented with growth, we have an excellent area to live, work, worship and invest in.   I have firsthand experience with solving the complexities of multi-jurisdictional government issues while also understanding the limitations of government involvement and/or oversight.   I was at the table while we negotiated with ALDOT, Federal Hwy Administration, County highway and multiple cities to garner funding to improve and/or enhance infrastructure.  If elected, I am able to immediately jump in and understand the working parts, the people and the overall process. 


Why am I seeking your support to serve as the representative in the Alabama House of Representatives District 73? I have the executive and leadership experience to provide steady conservative legislative values. It is natural for me to see the big picture while also the minute details of situations and/or organizations to help create excellent outcomes. I have the determination, discipline and focus to provide conservative legislative guidance.   Being conservative means I will vigorously defend private property rights, individual liberties and do the work necessary to understand the impact of legislation.